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A business profile is your story in our community.  Here is a list of some of the many features!

Business Profile - Features and Information
A Business Profile is a full page of your business information.  It tells your story within our Community.  It provides all your contact information so that current customers and NEW customers can get a hold of you.   Expose your services, products, give reminders, display your business hours and more.  Visit our Profile Packages page to see a listing of ALL the current business profile features.  An ALL inclusive package.
Your profile lists all your unique and special services for everyone to read and discover.  One service is featured and will get extra exposure in the community.  The home page of your town portal randomly selects featured services to display and there is a page dedicated to all featured services by businesses in your community.
Reminders allow you to inform your customers of upcoming seasons or services that they tend to forget till its too late.  You get 12 reminders, one for each month.  With a little planning, you create your 12 reminders for the year and then forget about them.  Every month your specific reminder changes to what you planned and just automagically appears.
It's amazing how many things customers just don't know about your business. "Did You Know" information windows are for those things that you are continuously telling your customers and surprised when they say, they didn't know that.  You can list as many as you want and two will randomly appear on your business profile page and also on your portal home page.  A new selection is displayed with every page visit.
Post your business hours on your profile.  Are you open Sunday or late on special nights?  This feature dynamically hilites the current day of the week and has space to post special hours and closures. Watch for a special holiday feature that informs customers of your business hours over Christmas.
Business keyword search engines are found throughout the website. Clicking on a keyword button will take you to the business directory and provide a listing of businesses linked to the keyword. So if you are looking for BREAKFAST, click on it when you see it and you will have choices!


Keywords are linked to your business profile.


Term for a business or business owner who is unique, creative and interesting.


To be the best local business directory in your community.

Did You Know

Can I add to my profile after its been created?

Yes! Your profile is a living document and should be updated once or twice a year or as things change.


Is a business listing in the directory FREE?

Yes!  Your listing is free and a business profile is an optional business opportunity to get involved in our online community.


How do I get started with a Business Profile?

Easy!  Click here to Select a Profile and get the process started. We will be in touch to get your profile started right away!