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You should try around Ponoka

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Here are 5 things to try or check out around Ponoka.  Read More/Learn More...

Going Above and Beyond

Award Winning Service from Lacombe Auto Service Centre

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Lacombe Auto Service Centre is an award winning service business that values its customers and always provides them the best possible service.  Often they go above and beyond their already awesome service record and here are a few stories to prove it.   

Directory Search

Business Directory - Search Features

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There are many ways to search for a business within any of our directories.  Each business is attached to a search category and sometimes even given a business sub-category and ...   Learn more.


A Business NewLetter

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TheCircle is a regular business email newsletter that collects interesting business information and events and sends this information out to its subscribers.   Stay in the loop.  Join TheCircle

What is a Business Profile?

Tell your story

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A Business Profile is an entire web page in our directory, all about you.  It tells your business story within our Community.  It is an extention of your web presence or can even be a low cost option as an alternative for a website.  Learn more...

Keyword Search

Business Directory - Search Feature

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A feature of our business directory is that keywords can be attached to a business listing.  When the keyword is clicked, the directory returns a search result with all the businesses linked to the keyword.  Learn more, read more...

FREE Business Directory Listing

Join the Tribe

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LiveCommunities is a business directory that focuses on local business in each of our communities.  A goal of our business directory is to help businesses promote their products and services so they stand out for what they do best.  We are constantly on the look-out for unique and creative businesses to add to our tribe.  Add your business to our directory and start getting noticed for what makes your business special. 

Join the Tribe - Add your business to our directory.

Business Reminders

Business Profile - Module Feature

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Reminders are a great way to remind your customers of upcoming seasons and the services you provide.   Expose those little bits of information you assume everyone knows, but they often do not.


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